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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#38 PinManager is not stable in IN2P3 new bugs major srm
#39 SRM Utilizes 100% of CPU in IN2P3 new bugs major core
#40 when full of sticky files, pool continues to be selected by PoolManager for writing new bugs major core
#41 srm init-script does not mount pnfs new bugs major core
#47 File transfers failing at IN2P3 and others (checksum problem) new bugs major 1.8.0-12-patch6 core
#103 dcapMaxLogin variabe in dCacheSetup does not seem to be being picked up new bugs major 1.8.0-16 deployment
#106 startup script some time do not kill the process, but pid file is removed new bugs major 1.8.0-16 core
#174 pool <-> xrootd-door interaction new bugs major 1.8.0-15p6 core
#175 PoolManager does not save pool-properties new bugs major 1.8.0-12-patch6 core
#176 "pnfs unregister" in pool instead of PoolManager new bugs major 1.8.0-12-patch6 pool
#189 srm to srm copy fails with srmV2. new bugs major 1.8.0-15p12 srm
#191 SysTimer : Can't be initialized ... new bugs major dCache-1.9.0 core
#24 Line length limitation in poollist file new bugs minor dcache-1.8 pool
#30 confusing comment in node_config new bugs minor core
#156 active transfer-page does not show xroot-movers new feature minor http
#207 Patch for solaris (RT 4301) new feature minor 1.9.3 deployment
#23 pnfs-postgresql download for dcache 1.7.0 new bugs trivial pnfs/chimera
#201 pnfs start/stop script sets/removes wrong flags in /var/lock/subsys (rt 4239) new bugs trivial 1.9.3 pnfs/chimera
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