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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#178 restore with incorect checksums do not reported as an error new bugs critical 1.8.0-16 pnfs/chimera
#210 adding hsm location brakes StorageInfo concistency in >= 1.9.2 assigned bugs critical core
#228 file storageInfo not stored on HSM flush with chimera backend new bugs critical pnfs/chimera
#264 dir domain does not not operate with new listing framework accepted bugs critical core
#14 ftp door to use dirDomain for list operation accepted bugs major dcache-1.8 core
#83 Precious files left by canceled/interrupted transfers. new bugs major 1.8.0-16 pool
#98 Cost calculation might be wrong after precious -> cached/sticky (Doris #2612: PoolManager accounting) new bugs major 1.8.0-16 core
#100 copy manager not maintaining all state of copied files new bugs major 1.8.0-16 utilities
#104 gsiftp rename is not implemented new feature major 1.8.0-16 ftp
#166 'rc onerror fail' doesn't work properly. new bugs major 1.8.0-15p8 core
#168 gPlazma web interface to verify correct configuration. new feature major 1.8.0-15p8 core
#192 lindcap doen't work if compiled with -O2 flag new bugs major libdcap
#193 'scan poolmanager' command in the extended collector doesn't update the pools properly (#4149 new bugs major 1.9.3 http
#196 Improve 32/64 dcap library deployment new bugs major 1.9.3 libdcap
#197 Suspicious behavior of dcap mover exceptions. Exceptions may be handled incorrectly in some cases. new bugs major 1.9.3 pool
#222 update of access latency for non existing file thwors SQL exceptions instead of FileNotFound new bugs major pnfs/chimera
#224 prepare for migration script do not respect 1.9.2 db schema new bugs major pnfs/chimera
#229 find with remove dir forced nfs server to reply STALE_HANDLE new bugs major pnfs/chimera
#247 Bug in parcing file names containg [] new bugs major pnfs/chimera
#256 Feature: rc retry syntax in PoolManager is incosistent new feature major pool
#263 Strange PNFS IDs and names / migration to Chimera new bugs major core
#267 chimera nfs server startup script do not have status command new bugs major core
#268 BasicNamespace provider goes into infinite loop if no cachlocation provided defined accepted bugs major core
#292 Pool selection mechanism assigned feature major next Golden Release pool manager
#294 ACLs for NFSv41 assigned feature major next Golden Release nfsv41
#29 Refactoring of LoginManager new bugs minor core
#33 make use of interface name instead of interface ip new bugs minor dcache-1.8 core
#204 Automated reation of the /opt/d-cache/statistics directory. new bugs minor 1.9.3 deployment
#213 Httpd cell complains about a css file not being present new bugs minor 1.9.3 http
#218 NullPointerException in billing db log. (RT 4203 and 4343) new bugs minor 1.9.3 core
#221 df on chimera NFS server is slow new bugs minor pnfs/chimera
#25 PartitionManager scanParameter() new bugs trivial dcache-1.8 core
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