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#24 Line length limitation in poollist file new omsynge bugs dcache-1.8 minor
#28 refactoring of ChecksumModuleV1 new radicke bugs dcache-1.8 minor
#29 Refactoring of LoginManager new tigran bugs minor
#30 confusing comment in node_config new omsynge bugs minor
#33 make use of interface name instead of interface ip new tigran bugs dcache-1.8 minor
#37 xrootd doesn't work with implicit space management accepted radicke bugs dcache-1.8 minor
#156 active transfer-page does not show xroot-movers new omsynge feature minor
#173 Modifying Token attributes after creation (Owner and lifetime) new litvinse feature 1.8.0-16 minor
#204 Automated reation of the /opt/d-cache/statistics directory. new tigran bugs 1.9.3 minor
#205 SRM fast failure for File Not Available new litvinse bugs 1.9.3 minor
#206 Pnfs NFS i-node mapping from the pnfsid are suboptimal. new paul feature 1.9.3 minor
#207 Patch for solaris (RT 4301) new omsynge feature 1.9.3 minor
#213 Httpd cell complains about a css file not being present new tigran bugs 1.9.3 minor
#214 A conditional 'disable' of a pool on the pool itself, completely disables the pool on the PoolManager level. new behrmann bugs 1.9.3 minor
#215 Make Pool status in PoolManager (e.g. rdOnly, disable) persistant (surviving 'reload' and restart) new behrmann feature minor
#218 NullPointerException in billing db log. (RT 4203 and 4343) new tigran bugs 1.9.3 minor
#220 use single config for log4j in srm and the reast of dcache new code_cleaning minor
#221 df on chimera NFS server is slow new tigran bugs minor
#233 NPE if SQLException returns null as sql state new bugs minor
#234 Clear cache locations to files new feature minor
#252 libdcap prints error message on a stat of non existing file new bugs minor
#253 Serialization Error when delegating to gPlazma new bugs minor
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