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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#178 restore with incorect checksums do not reported as an error new tigran bugs critical 1.8.0-16
#210 adding hsm location brakes StorageInfo concistency in >= 1.9.2 assigned tigran bugs critical
#228 file storageInfo not stored on HSM flush with chimera backend new tigran bugs critical
#239 SQL quering srmrequestcredentials do not uses prepared statement new bugs critical
#264 dir domain does not not operate with new listing framework accepted tigran bugs critical
#14 ftp door to use dirDomain for list operation accepted tigran bugs major dcache-1.8
#106 startup script some time do not kill the process, but pid file is removed new omsynge bugs major 1.8.0-16
#155 PinManager fills up log files with SQL queries new patrick bugs major 1.8.0-15p6
#160 exit code od srmls is zero even if command failed wht SRM_FAILURE new litvinse bugs major 1.8.0-16
#192 lindcap doen't work if compiled with -O2 flag new tigran bugs major
#208 removed files stays in restore queue new bugs major
#212 pp get file from non existing pool leaves file in LOCK, FROM_CLIENT state new bugs major
#222 update of access latency for non existing file thwors SQL exceptions instead of FileNotFound new tigran bugs major
#224 prepare for migration script do not respect 1.9.2 db schema new tigran bugs major
#225 Chimera cleaner couses some problems with sloy replication new irinak bugs major
#229 find with remove dir forced nfs server to reply STALE_HANDLE new tigran bugs major
#247 Bug in parcing file names containg [] new tigran bugs major
#262 if node_type=door then sciently pool started as well new bugs major
#265 batch file on error do not print file name new bugs major
#267 chimera nfs server startup script do not have status command new tigran bugs major
#268 BasicNamespace provider goes into infinite loop if no cachlocation provided defined accepted tigran bugs major
#270 dcache startup script does not work correctly on solaris new bugs major
#271 gsidcap does not support multiple roles new bugs major
#274 decreage log level of dcap mover to skip clients disconnects new bugs major
#28 refactoring of ChecksumModuleV1 new radicke bugs minor dcache-1.8
#29 Refactoring of LoginManager new tigran bugs minor
#33 make use of interface name instead of interface ip new tigran bugs minor dcache-1.8
#37 xrootd doesn't work with implicit space management accepted radicke bugs minor dcache-1.8
#220 use single config for log4j in srm and the reast of dcache new code_cleaning minor
#221 df on chimera NFS server is slow new tigran bugs minor
#233 NPE if SQLException returns null as sql state new bugs minor
#234 Clear cache locations to files new feature minor
#252 libdcap prints error message on a stat of non existing file new bugs minor
#25 PartitionManager scanParameter() new tigran bugs trivial dcache-1.8
#226 ACL inhereted flag do no match NFS4 spec new irinak bugs trivial
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