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Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#210 adding hsm location brakes StorageInfo concistency in >= 1.9.2 core bugs tigran assigned 02/10/09
#228 file storageInfo not stored on HSM flush with chimera backend pnfs/chimera bugs tigran new 04/07/09
#239 SQL quering srmrequestcredentials do not uses prepared statement srm bugs new 07/10/09
#264 dir domain does not not operate with new listing framework core bugs tigran accepted 10/23/09
#38 PinManager is not stable in IN2P3 srm bugs omsynge new 12/07/07
#39 SRM Utilizes 100% of CPU in IN2P3 core bugs omsynge new 12/07/07
#40 when full of sticky files, pool continues to be selected by PoolManager for writing core 1.8.0 bugs omsynge new 12/12/07
#41 srm init-script does not mount pnfs core bugs omsynge new 01/07/08
#192 lindcap doen't work if compiled with -O2 flag libdcap bugs tigran new 01/05/09
#208 removed files stays in restore queue core bugs new 02/07/09
#212 pp get file from non existing pool leaves file in LOCK, FROM_CLIENT state core bugs new 02/15/09
#222 update of access latency for non existing file thwors SQL exceptions instead of FileNotFound pnfs/chimera bugs tigran new 03/23/09
#224 prepare for migration script do not respect 1.9.2 db schema pnfs/chimera bugs tigran new 03/27/09
#225 Chimera cleaner couses some problems with sloy replication core bugs irinak new 03/30/09
#229 find with remove dir forced nfs server to reply STALE_HANDLE pnfs/chimera bugs tigran new 04/14/09
#242 When running "pnfs register" on a pool, error messages are reported in psql log files for entries that already exist core bugs new 08/13/09
#243 Data Base Connection Resilience SRM srm bugs new 08/21/09
#247 Bug in parcing file names containg [] pnfs/chimera bugs tigran new 08/31/09
#262 if node_type=door then sciently pool started as well core bugs new 10/19/09
#263 Strange PNFS IDs and names / migration to Chimera core bugs tigran new 10/21/09
#265 batch file on error do not print file name core bugs new 10/27/09
#267 chimera nfs server startup script do not have status command core bugs tigran new 11/12/09
#268 BasicNamespace provider goes into infinite loop if no cachlocation provided defined core bugs tigran accepted 11/18/09
#270 dcache startup script does not work correctly on solaris core bugs new 11/25/09
#271 gsidcap does not support multiple roles core bugs new 11/25/09
#274 decreage log level of dcap mover to skip clients disconnects core bugs new 01/13/10
#245 The Xerces Java Parser should be removed as a dependency. core code_cleaning new 08/21/09
#260 Updating CoG library core documentation timur new 10/15/09
#275 We need to document that kerberos support needs "Unlimited Strength" Java ftp documentation new 03/31/10
#255 Feature: PnfsManager set log slow threshold pnfs/chimera feature paul new 10/05/09
#256 Feature: rc retry syntax in PoolManager is incosistent pool feature tigran new 10/05/09
#257 Feature Request: Changes in the Book pool feature new 10/06/09
#266 Feature request core feature paul new 10/28/09
#269 Feature: wildcard in the vorolemap file core feature timur new 11/19/09
#29 Refactoring of LoginManager core bugs tigran new 08/06/07
#30 confusing comment in node_config core bugs omsynge new 10/24/07
#221 df on chimera NFS server is slow pnfs/chimera bugs tigran new 03/23/09
#233 NPE if SQLException returns null as sql state core bugs new 05/05/09
#252 libdcap prints error message on a stat of non existing file libdcap bugs new 10/02/09
#253 Serialization Error when delegating to gPlazma gPlazma/auth bugs new 10/02/09
#220 use single config for log4j in srm and the reast of dcache deployment code_cleaning new 03/04/09
#156 active transfer-page does not show xroot-movers http feature omsynge new 06/09/08
#215 Make Pool status in PoolManager (e.g. rdOnly, disable) persistant (surviving 'reload' and restart) core feature behrmann new 02/16/09
#234 Clear cache locations to files pnfs/chimera feature new 05/08/09
#23 pnfs-postgresql download for dcache 1.7.0 pnfs/chimera 1.7.0 bugs omsynge new 06/06/07
#226 ACL inhereted flag do no match NFS4 spec core bugs irinak new 04/06/09

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Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#47 File transfers failing at IN2P3 and others (checksum problem) core 1.8.0 bugs omsynge new 02/21/08
#49 srmls on directory level reports a filesize of 1 for files greater 2G core 1.8.0 bugs patrick reopened 02/21/08
#175 PoolManager does not save pool-properties core 1.8.0 bugs omsynge new 07/16/08
#176 "pnfs unregister" in pool instead of PoolManager pool 1.8.0 bugs omsynge new 07/16/08
#189 srm to srm copy fails with srmV2. srm 1.8.0 bugs omsynge new 10/02/08
#135 Error message of SrmSpaceManager command 'reserve' is misleading/useless srm 1.8.0 bugs litvinse new 05/28/08
#155 PinManager fills up log files with SQL queries utilities 1.8.0 bugs patrick new 06/05/08
#174 pool <-> xrootd-door interaction core bugs omsynge new 07/09/08
#166 'rc onerror fail' doesn't work properly. core 1.8.0 bugs tigran new 06/26/08
#168 gPlazma web interface to verify correct configuration. core 1.8.0 feature tigran new 06/27/08
#178 restore with incorect checksums do not reported as an error pnfs/chimera 1.8.0 bugs tigran new 07/24/08
#59 root directory exposed through srm (#2550) srm 1.8.0 bugs litvinse new 02/22/08
#83 Precious files left by canceled/interrupted transfers. pool 1.8.0 bugs tigran new 03/11/08
#94 SRM S2 test sequence SrmPut SrmRemove SrmPut failes srm 1.8.0 bugs litvinse new 03/13/08
#98 Cost calculation might be wrong after precious -> cached/sticky (Doris #2612: PoolManager accounting) core 1.8.0 bugs tigran new 03/22/08
#100 copy manager not maintaining all state of copied files utilities 1.8.0 bugs tigran new 04/03/08
#102 srmPing is returning incorrect information about the version srm 1.8.0 bugs litvinse new 04/04/08
#103 dcapMaxLogin variabe in dCacheSetup does not seem to be being picked up deployment 1.8.0 bugs omsynge new 04/04/08
#106 startup script some time do not kill the process, but pid file is removed core 1.8.0 bugs omsynge new 04/08/08
#160 exit code od srmls is zero even if command failed wht SRM_FAILURE srm 1.8.0 bugs litvinse new 06/21/08
#104 gsiftp rename is not implemented ftp 1.8.0 feature tigran new 04/04/08
#173 Modifying Token attributes after creation (Owner and lifetime) srm 1.8.0 feature litvinse new 07/07/08
#193 'scan poolmanager' command in the extended collector doesn't update the pools properly (#4149 http bugs tigran new 01/19/09
#195 Unnecessary printout in catalina.out when delegation credential not found (4216) srm bugs litvinse new 01/20/09
#196 Improve 32/64 dcap library deployment libdcap bugs tigran new 01/21/09
#197 Suspicious behavior of dcap mover exceptions. Exceptions may be handled incorrectly in some cases. pool bugs tigran new 01/21/09
#198 [1.9.0-3] typo in spacemanager params etc/dCacheSetup.template deployment bugs litvinse new 01/21/09
#200 Correct behavior on an unexpected exception in the sweeper. (RT 4186) core bugs behrmann new 01/23/09
#203 New default : * PermissionHandlerDataSource=diskCacheV111.services.PnfsManagerFileMetaDataSource deployment bugs paul new 01/28/09
#217 Improvement of the p2p mechanism (RT 4324) core bugs paul new 02/26/09
#209 Adding support in the init script for the (simple) HTTP door? (RT 4305) http feature behrmann new 02/09/09
#204 Automated reation of the /opt/d-cache/statistics directory. deployment bugs tigran new 02/02/09
#205 SRM fast failure for File Not Available srm bugs litvinse new 02/03/09
#213 Httpd cell complains about a css file not being present http bugs tigran new 02/16/09
#214 A conditional 'disable' of a pool on the pool itself, completely disables the pool on the PoolManager level. pool bugs behrmann new 02/16/09
#218 NullPointerException in billing db log. (RT 4203 and 4343) core bugs tigran new 02/26/09
#206 Pnfs NFS i-node mapping from the pnfsid are suboptimal. pnfs/chimera feature paul new 02/06/09
#207 Patch for solaris install.sh (RT 4301) deployment feature omsynge new 02/06/09
#201 pnfs start/stop script sets/removes wrong flags in /var/lock/subsys (rt 4239) pnfs/chimera bugs omsynge new 01/23/09

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Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#312 Rewriting of SRM Job storage backend srm code_cleaning litvinse new 02/13/12
#300 EMI Building server, clients, nagios probes all feature bernardt new 01/20/12
#301 Delegation in SRM core feature paul new 02/03/12
#302 Catalogue Synchronisation core feature paul new 02/03/12
#303 gPlazma2 Refactoring gPlazma/auth feature karsten new 02/03/12
#304 IPv6 support for dCache core feature karsten new 02/03/12
#305 ARGUS updates gPlazma/auth feature karsten new 02/03/12
#306 Generating billing plots inside WebAdmin UI feature tanja new 02/03/12
#307 Reporting of alarms produced by the checksum calculation and displaying on WebAdmin core feature new 02/03/12
#308 Improvement of dCache's built-in monitoring capabilities core feature new 02/03/12
#309 Infoprovider: Publishing version information for dCache core feature paul new 02/03/12
#310 Support of Non-RFC proxies and migration from SHA1 to SHA2 certificates core feature paul new 02/03/12
#311 FHS compliant srmclient RPM srm feature litvinse new 02/13/12
#313 Investigation of jGlobus 2 adaptation core feature litvinse new 02/13/12
#314 Implementation of scalable SRM server srm feature litvinse new 02/13/12
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