Ticket #156 (new feature)

Opened 12 years ago

active transfer-page does not show xroot-movers

Reported by: hauki Owned by: omsynge
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On the dcache-http-pages, the page Active Transfers does not show xroot-transfers, but only gridftp-transfers. However, in the ssh-admin-interface, the information is there, eg:

    dCache Admin (VII) (user=admin)

[duchess.csc.fi] (local) admin > cd csc_fi_015
cd csc_fi_015
[duchess.csc.fi] (csc_fi_015) admin > mover ls
mover ls
11460 A R {Xrootd-madhatter-unknow-403@xrootd-madhatterDomain:0} 0001000000000000002D1F90 h={diskCacheV111.movers.XrootdProtocol_2@7037d8e0} bytes=14649897 time/sec=81 LM=2
10890 A R {GFTP-pacific01-Unknown-1550@gridftp-pacific01Domain:11205} 0001000000000000001FD518 h={SU=0;SA=0;S=None} bytes=3583770624 time/sec=1373 LM=0
11450 A R {Xrootd-madhatter-unknow-400@xrootd-madhatterDomain:0} 0001000000000000002D23F8 h={diskCacheV111.movers.XrootdProtocol_2@627f93ae} bytes=12757143 time/sec=91 LM=1
11420 A R {GFTP-pacific01-Unknown-1587@gridftp-pacific01Domain:11241} 000100000000000000201BC0 h={SU=0;SA=0;S=None} bytes=324272128 time/sec=150 LM=0

Could you please add the display of the xroot-movers to the web-pages ?



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