Ticket #195 (new bugs)

Opened 12 years ago

Unnecessary printout in catalina.out when delegation credential not found (4216)

Reported by: patrick Owned by: litvinse
Priority: major Milestone: 1.9.3
Component: srm Keywords: catalina.out printout delegation credential
Cc: Sub Version:


Error message :

dCache 1.9.0-7):

01/15 12:09:04 Cell(SRM-dcsrm01@srm-dcsrm01Domain) : java.io.FileNotFoundException?: /opt/d-cache/credentials/-2129042344 (No such file or directory)

Timur :

The files named /opt/d-cache/credentials/<number> correspond to the delegated credentials of the users. The number is the id assigned to the credential by SRM. These numbers have nothing to do with SRM request ids. When a new authorization is performed, we try to read a file first, so that we do perform delegation if it is not needed (we have a current valid delegated credential that has the same lifetime as the one that we would have received). If we do not find such file, request delegation and write this file. So this error message is not really an error, but rather a warning. We will modify our code so that this message is not printed in the future versions of dCache.

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