Ticket #207 (new feature)

Opened 12 years ago

Patch for solaris install.sh (RT 4301)

Reported by: patrick Owned by: omsynge
Priority: minor Milestone: 1.9.3
Component: deployment Keywords:
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Lionel> here is a little patch for install.sh to run under all OS (we have no 'readlink' on our Solaris boxes)

--- install.sh.orig Thu Feb 5 17:19:22 2009 +++ install.sh Thu Feb 5 17:21:09 2009 @@ -797,5 +797,5 @@ else local ftpBaseLinkedTo

  • ftpBaseLinkedTo=find ${PNFS_ROOT}/ftpBase -type l | xargs readlink

+ ftpBaseLinkedTo=perl -le 'print readlink for @ARGV' ${PNFS_ROOT}/ftpBase logmessage INFO "ftpBaseLinkedTo=$ftpBaseLinkedTo" logmessage INFO "pnfsMountPoint=${pnfsMountPoint}"

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