Ticket #269 (new feature)

Opened 11 years ago

Feature: wildcard in the vorolemap file

Reported by: irinak Owned by: timur
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Ticket #4671: http://www.dcache.org/rt/index.html?q=4671

There is no possibility to have a wildcard in the VO section of the grid-vorolemap file and this introduces problem when you want to enable and support VO. You need to enable for all subgroups, so the typical entries are:

"*" "/dteam/Role=lcgadmin" dteamsgm000

"*" "/dteam/Role=production" dteamprd000

"*" "/dteam" dteamusr000

so for cms it's ~20 lines. And to be on safe side you need to check voms server of the vo regularly that there are no new subgroups or when you want to ban specific user (to do it you need to list all vo/subgroups with this DN).

If you don't know to which VO user belongs and your sites supports many VOs, than the list to ban one user will be long.

So the request is to have such possibility: wildcard in the vorolemap file.

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