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Build the code

  • checkout the code:
    $ svn co dCache-trunk-readonly
    $ cd dCache-trunk-readonly
  • type ant to see available targets.
  • build prefer target:
    $ ant server.rpm

Code Structure

For some historical reasons dCache code base not structured as usual JAVA projects. While this will change with in time you have to keep this structure for now:

modules/cells Cell message passing framefork
modules/dCache dCache code components ( Doors, PoolManager, PnfsManager, Pools and so on )
modules/srm Generic SRM interface, dCache specific part
modules/srmclient SRM client
modules/dcap DCAP client
modules/dCacheJUnit junit tests
modules/external third parity libraries used by dcache
modules-build ant build scripts used to build dcache


you patch have to be compliant to our rules