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Copenhagen workshop guide

The 2010 Workshop is held in Copenhagen. Gerd has put together the following information:

Getting to the hotel

Most of you stay at the Wakeup Copenhagen. The hotel is downtime, not far from the central station. The hotel claims it is a 10 minute walk from the central station, see this map:

Google maps.

To get to the hotel from the airport, take the train to Copenhagen Central station. The train goes every 10 minutes most of the day (and every 20 minutes late in the evening, I believe). Walk the remaining meters.

Alternatively there are caps. Expect to pay something like 250-300 kroner to get downtown.


Denmark does NOT use the Euro. You can get by with a visa card in restaurants, taxies and most shops. I believe Metro ticket machines also accept Visa. It is however wise to bring some Danish cash or use an ATM at the airport.

Public transport

Public transport in Copenhagen is regulated by Movia, see here.

Tickets are the same for buses, metro, train and the harbor buses. As the above page describes, the area is divided into zones. You purchase a ticket valid from your starting point and in a radius of a certain number of zones from the starting point, but a minimum of 2 zones each. Downtown Copenhagen is zone 1, and NORDUnet/NDGF is in zone 4. You pass through zone 3 in order to get from zone 1 to zone 4, so you need a ticket valid for 3 zones. There are small color coded maps on the ticket machines that explain how many zones you pass through to get to some other point.

Notice that there is a huge discount when you purchase tickets valid for 10 trips (a 3 zone ticket is 34.50 kroner, while a 10 trip ticket valid for 3 zones is 175 kroner).

A one trip ticket is valid from the moment of purchase and for one hour starting from the time stamped on the ticket. You can transfer other buses, trains or metros during that time.

IMPORTANT: A 10 trip ticket has to be stamped in the yellow machines you find on the stations or at the front entrance of the bus (you always enter buses through the front door). It is valid from the moment you stamp it and for one hour after the time stamped on the ticket.

10 trip tickets can be used by multiple persons, as long as you stay together. Just stamp it once per person.

Don't attempt to go without a ticket. They check frequently and you are fined 700 kroner if you don't have a valid ticket.

BTW: To figure out how to go from A to B, use this site.

Click "uk" at the bottom to get an English version. Just enter start and end point and it will tell you the possible combinations of walking, bus, metro and train.

Getting to NORDUnet

NDGF is hosted by NORDUnet in Kastrup, next to the airport. This page has details for getting to NORDUnet.

You can use this site to find a route from the Wakeup. The address of the Wakeup is "Carsten Niebuhrs Gade 1577 København V, København" and NORDUnet is "Kastruplundgade 22, 2770 Kastrup". It seems to recommend taking bus 5A, with a 200-300 meters walk at each end.

Alternatively, take the train back to the airport and walk as outlined on NORDUnets home page. That may be easier the first day.

Patrick has been here before, so he knows how to get in. There is a small square in front of NORDUnet with a Netto shop. NORDUnet is on the first floor. At the bottom of the square is a portal. In the portal is a door. Press the bottom labeled NORDUnet and wait for somebody to open the door.

You will be served lunch Monday till Friday.

I suggest we begin Monday at 9 am.


The weather in Denmark is unpredictable and hence something people talk about all the time. This site has the local forecast. There is a small icon to switch to the English forecast.

The current forecast is that we will get rain in the weekend.

Workshop dinner

We will have a workshop dinner on Wednesday the 5th at 1930. The restaurant is called Famo 51. I have placed a reservation for 12 persons, including 2 vegetarians (Paul and Henrik), one fish eating and one not.

NDGF invites you to the dinner (i.e. we pay). If for some reason you are unable to attend, please tell me now, as there is a cancellation fee for any seat not taken.

The restaurant is downtown, approx. 20 minute walk from the Wakeup. Ask this site about bus connections.

Beer festival

As mentioned before, the yearly beer festival happens to coincide with the dCache workshop. Don't mistake this for another October fest. Not at all! The beer festival is much more like an exhibition with a HUGE variety of beer that you sample. Don't worry - you will get drunk anyway.

If you have just the slightest interest in beer, this is an event I can only recommend!

See this page for details, but only in Danish:

You purchase tokens at the entrance and get a beer sample per token.

The entrance fee is 100 kroner plus 10 kroner for each token. They sell a combined ticket for 200 kroner with 10 tokens, your personal glass and the festival guide. 10 tokens are usually plenty, in particular if you like the powerful brews like I do :-)

The festival opens Thursday. As Friday evening tends to be very crowded, I suggest we stop early Thursday afternoon and those of us that like to go there. They usually have some food at the festival too.

If you tell me now, I can purchase tickets for you so we don't have to wait in line. You can however also do so yourself when you arrive (they are available at the post office across the street of NORDUnet).

Things to see

Tivoli is worth visiting. Don't expect it to be Disneyland or anything like that, but does happen to be a rather old lovely amusement park in the center of Copenhagen, 10 minutes from your hotel. I don't go there for the rides, but simply to enjoy the atmosphere (although the entrance fee may be a bit too expensive for that).

There are plenty of museums, like this one.

We have what is claimed to be the longest pedestrian street in Europe with tons of shops.

The little mermaid is not in town at the moment, but trust me... you are not missing anything.

Ask Paul for ideas, he has been a tourist in town before.

(Paul says a boat trip is nice; perhaps a walk around Royal Copenhagen)

If the weather permits, the harbor tour may be fun. Otherwise just walk along Nyhavn and enjoy the area.

Otherwise go here for plenty of information about what to do in town:

You also got this site with a complete (almost) restaurant and event guide, although most of it is probably not in English.

Places to eat

Let me tell you now. Copenhagen is not a cheap town to visit. So when I refer to cheap restaurants, they may still appear a bit expensive compared to other countries. Drinking bit or visiting clubs is not cheap either.

A few places I can recommend:

  • Den tatoverede enke, , Gothersgade 8 D. It's a Belgian beer place, with a pub below and a restaurant upstairs. They also serve excellent food in the pub, although the selection is limited. If you need tips about other pubs to visit, tell me.
  • Tony's is a nice Italian restaurant with good prices (200 kroner for a 3 course meal), see
  • The same owners also have Madklubben. Same concept, but with a Nordic/French? theme rather than Italian. Both places aim to produce excellent food at low prices. They achieve low prices by having a limited menu, limited wine list, friendly staff, but not necessarily experts.
  • There are a couple of good Thai places: The Ricemarket, Dim Sum, and Aroidee are owned by the same guys that have Kiin Kiin, but much cheaper that Kiin Kiin. Kiin Kiin is a Michelin stared Thai restaraunt (with matching prices)
  • You got Wagamama, right next to the central station, not far from your restaurant. Decent food, low prices, but expect to wait for a table and it is a place where you eat and leave again. Sort of in between a fast food place and a normal restaurant.

Just in case you bring a lot of money, we got what is currently rated to be the third best restaurant in the world (according to some British list). They hope to become number one soon when the list is updated. Noma [UPDATE: Noma is now the best restaurant in the World]. It is however hopeless to get a table. Maybe if you forget about the rest of us and go there for lunch on one of the first days of the week.

Otherwise, ask Google or You can always ask me whether I know the place or not (and hey, I will probably join you most nights anyway).