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EMI dCache Releases

The releases in EMI of dCache can be found here:

Release Link

EMI - Building dCache with ETICS

There are two ways to achieve building the dCache components in ETICS. One is using the Web Interface, the other through the ETICS Client:

EMI-0 Guidelines:

* *ETICS project-configuration to be used for EMI-0 is "emi_R_0"

General information and tutorials can be found here:

*Download Client & Tutorials
*EMI HowTo Wiki

Building using the Web Interface

Step-by-step: Be aware that the server component is build with Sun/Oracle? JDK (export JAVA_HOME=/usr/java/latest; export PATH=$JAVA_HOME/bin:$PATH ; ant server.rpm ; unset JAVA_HOME; unset PATH), while the srmclient is using openJDK

  • Go to the ETICS Web Interface
  • Expand the project: emi and choose subsystem dCache
  • Choose and select the component you want to build (e.g. server)
  • Choose and select the configuration that you want to use for the build and add it to your workspace (by right-clicking on the configuration (e.g. emi-dcahe-server_R_HEAD) and pressing "Add to Workspace")
  • Select the added configuration in your workspace, right-click it and press "Remote Build..."
  • Edit the configurations as depicted in the image below (please choose emi_R_0 instead of emi_0 to get environment and properties, changes regarding this can be found in
  • In EMI-0 do not forget to set the append the host requirement (Append Requirements): client_release=1.4.15-1_EMI_fixes@default
  • Press Submit Remote Build --> a dialog should appear informing you that the build has been submitted

For the SRM-Client: