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"Rules of Engagement"


"How I get my code into dCache"

(this is v0.1)

During the Copenhagen workshop, there was a discussion about release procedure and what to do about our stable branches.

This document gives a summary of the new procedure.

Rule 1. Only commit changes to trunk

Once a developer decides their code should be committed to subversion (e.g., it has passed the review process) the developer commits the change to the trunk branch only.

Rule 2. The Release Manager merges patches to stable branches

Only the Release Manager can commit to stable branches. A stable branch is any SVN branch from which releases are made. Tigran is the Release Manager for all the 1.9.x stable branches.

Rule 3. A developer MAY suggest a patch should be merge.

The developer should have an opinion whether their patch should go into the stable branch and be included in the next patch-level release. Bearing in mind that patch releases should not contain additional functionality: "bug fixes only". Also, there should be some estimate of the risk of the patch breaking dCache.

Rule 4. Developer SHOULD create a ticket for the merge request.

We need to keep track of patches where the developer suggests a patch be merged into the stable branches. To do this, the developer should create a ticket in RT with the subject starting: [merge req]; e.g.

  [merge req] fix bug where dcap door crashes