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HGF Alliance phone conference Nov 22, 2007

Participants: Andreas H., Andreas N., Christopher, Guenter, Martin R., Oleg, Patrick, Thomas, Birgit

Status positions

  • Desy can not advertise the position because of administrative problems. The situation will hopefully change within a few month. Until then Patrick is the contact person.
  • Aachen got 0.5 FTE. Oleg started to work 6 weeks ago. Beginning 2008 he will work fulltime for dCache with 0.5 FTE funding from another project, helping set-up the new storage element.
  • Munich got also 0.5 FTE for dCache. Guenter is in contact with some interesting candidates, no decision or advertising is made so far.
  • Karlsruhe got 1 FTE. Christopher will start work on 1.1.2008.

dCache Support Team

The main task for the team is to support dCache administrators and users in german institutes. In addition the team will support development, e.g. with set-up of new installations, tests, performance checks.

Support for sites will be done as far as possible remotely.

Improvement of documentation is always an issue.

Core development will be discussed later.

Start-up dCache Support

A training course will be given at Desy Jan. or Feb. 2008. The possible dates can be fixed at the HGF kick-off meeting beginning of December at Desy, where almost all meet. The structure of the well working support team in Uk will be evaluated and copied, if it fits.

The support starts with

  • regular telephone conferences
  • setting up dCache installation training course, similar to the course at GridKa School.

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