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Proposed topics for the HGF Allianze Workshop (24/25 Januar)


  • Introduction : dCache - A bird's view
    • what makes up a storage element in the grid context
    • Supported Features (p2p,load balancing,maintenance, space management ...)
    • Supported Protocols (dCap, SRM, xrootd, ftp ...)
  • Presentation of dCache components
    • Which component is involved in which action
  • Administrative issues with dCache
    • some slides on firewall issues, used ports and portranges
    • status of GridFTP-support
    • PostgreSQL tuning (dCache's database backend)
  • How far one can get with YAIM?
    • When is YAIM sufficient and when is manual setup required?
    • dCache's configuration concept and fundamental config files explained

Hands on

We will provide the necessary infrastructure for 6 independent playgrounds, assuming that groups of 2 people work together in front of a ssh-terminal (your laptops). Our setup will be backed by virtual machines, providing for each group access to 2 dCache server nodes and a (shared ) Grid UI.

  • Unit 1: Basic dCache install using YAIM
    • learn how to setup a complete dCache instance (including SRM, GridFTP, 2 Pools, InfoProvider) on a single machine
    • overview of running components - what does the web-interface and the command line report on this
    • dCache admin tools
    • getting in touch with dCache: simple file tranfers using different protocols and clients
    • basic dCache monitoring: status of pools, what is published to the Information System (InfoProvider)
  • Unit 2: Enabling multi-VO support
    • adding pools on a 2nd machine plus a new VO
    • setting up authentication/authorization (gPlazma)
    • grouping pools according to VOs (migrating a pool to another machine, setup of the PoolManager)
  • Unit 3: Handling 3rd-party transfers
    • transferring files between (SRM-enabled) sites
  • Unit 4: Some tips on error handling
    • recipes on how to break down and fix errors
    • using the example of a failing pool
  • Unit 5: Manually setting up compontents (beyond the YAIM installer)
    • demonstrated by migrating the SRM to a separate host


  • experiences/questions from the admins (that is you!)
  • Management: how to structure the German dCache support in the future

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