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The success of free software highly depends on people using it. We are looking for people interested in actively improve this community site.

I'm interesting in participating. What can I do ?

  • You may write documentation, faq, HowTo using this wiki.
  • You may share your tools, scripts, configuration in our subversion repository.
  • You may improve, expand or correct the work of other contributors.

What do I need to start ?

  • Time ;-)
  • An account in our trac system. To get an account, simply write an email to wiki-admin@…. Please provide
    • your full name,
    • your email address,
    • the institution/company you are working for (optional),
    • your preferred account name,
    • and if you like so, a short sentence on your motivation.
  • We keep this information disclosed.

HowTo write wiki documentation pages ?

  • Move to the head page of the User contributed documentation and add a link to your yet nonexisting page. Please choose a sensible name
    An example could be :
     * [wiki:share/dCacheAndSolaris Running] dCache pools on Solaris.
  • Submit the changes, and follow the link, trac will ask you if a new page should be created.
  • Please add all your pages underneath the share directory. This simplifies our work.
  • Make sure you add your name somewhere (not necessary you e-mail address).
  • In the TracGuide you will find information about the trac wiki syntax.

HowTo upload software ?

  1. Checkout the contributed part of our public subversion repository
    svn checkout
  2. Create for a new project a directory under trunk
    mkdir contributed/trunk/saveMYdCache/
  3. Copy all your project files in the directory
  4. check in all your updates
    svn add contributed/trunk/saveMYdCache/
    svn commit
  5. Add a link and a description under ContributedCode (see the above section for the wiki information). If the description is more than one paragraph you should create a new page and link this too.

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