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How to make a release (e.g. 1.9.7-3)


Use Hudson (all, 1.9.7) to build dCache.

Install dCache on test machine


Copy the last build artefact of dCache 1.9.7-3, i.e.


and install it on vm-dcache-se.

rpm -U dcache-server-1.9.7-r14224.noarch.rpm

Check the changes of




I.e. check whether

   -psu create linkGroup ALL-LinkGroup

   -psu set linkGroup custodialAllowed ALL-LinkGroup true

   -psu set linkGroup replicaAllowed ALL-LinkGroup true

   -psu set linkGroup nearlineAllowed ALL-LinkGroup true

   -psu set linkGroup outputAllowed ALL-LinkGroup true

   -psu set linkGroup onlineAllowed ALL-LinkGroup true

   -psu set linkGroup attribute ALL-LinkGroup VO=dteam001

   -psu set linkGroup attribute ALL-LinkGroup VO=cms001

   -psu set linkGroup attribute ALL-LinkGroup HSM=osm

   -psu addto linkGroup ALL-LinkGroup default-link

is still in the /opt/d-cache/config/PoolManager.conf

You might also compare the two files, if you want to see all changes.

Fresh install

After starting the dCache several minutes have to pass before starting the first test.

Configure dCache

Check whether the file


exists and create it otherwise.

/var/log/*Domain.log {
    rotate 100

Otherwise the log files will be so but that it is hard to find problems.

Which configuration is needed in order to test dCache?


Before starting the tests check whether




are empty and delete everything if necessary. (The tests need to be fixed to remove everything.)

The tests can be found in the test suite.

  • G2 Functional Tests
  • S2 on WN (approx. 60 minutes)
  • Parallel S2
    The parallel S2 tests run on 7 clients and one server every hour for two days if it is a patch release and for 14 days if it is a minor release


In Hudson you find Release Process.

Click on dCache Release and Build now.

Choose the right BRANCH (here: 1.9.7) and the RELEASEID (here: 3).

After succesful build package build will automatically be started and create three packages (.rpm, .tgz, .pkg).

Log in to

cd /data/www/

Click on each of the packages and copy it to (wget ...).

Create checksum of the three files:


digest -a md5 dcache-server-1.9.7-3.tgz

Now release.xml needs to be edited. Create the new release entry (version, date, checksum) and update the page

sudo ./

Release notes need to be added (Gerd).