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Just a bunch of observations and questions encountered while installing dCache from scratch.

  • Filesize < 2GB ? :::

up to now, dCache uses pnfs which is NFSv2.
Since NFSv2 has a filesize limit of 2GB, we were interested,
if it has an influence on dCache itself.
Thus, as a test we copied a 5GB file from and to dCache using srm.
The file gets created on the pool ok, and the md5-checksum of the file
stored and retrieved from dCache was identical.
The only oddity was the filesize displayed in pnfs itself is == 1.
Other dCache operations, such as pool to pool copies have not been tested.
But it seems to work so far.

  • Comment from dCache team. Since Chimera (a PNFS compatible solution) supports the upcoming NFS 4.1 protocol. This allows dCache running this version to report sizes bigger than 2 Gb.