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Global services


The S2 SRM-2.2 VO/CCRC08 test results page.

Plot of number of instances of each dCache version discovered via srmPing and WLCG Info System. NB shows only SRM-2.2 end-points.

(Source: Greig Cowan's srmPing monitoring page, which uses Brian Bockleman's GraphTool)

SAM tests

(Source: Greig Cowan's dCache monitoring page, which uses Brian Bockleman's GraphTool)

SAM (Service Availability Monitoring) is a service that checks whether services are running correctly at sites. In addition to the views below, SAM also provides an interface to query stored data directly.

Available views of SAM data:


File Transfer Service : groups the transfer of multiple files into transfer Jobs and provides a service for managing their transfer. It schedules transfers into different channels to manage its bandwidth usage. See also: GridPP info.

FTS transfer failures come in three flavours: "source", "destination" and "transfer" errors. "Source" and "destination" errors are when the problem is clearly at either the source or destination sites (e.g., out-of-space error) and "transfer" error is returned when it is unclear of the cause (e.g. when a connection has timed-out).


Work is ongoing on providing monitoring information.


RAL FTS service supports the UK sites. Available information includes:


Information is available, links to follow...


In the last 12 hours:

LHC Experiments

Experiments provide services, usually on top of FTS.


The DDM (Distributed Data Management) includes DQ2 (Don Quijote v2), which is the component that supports transfers of datasets. DDM monitoring is provided through a dashboard


CMS uses PhEDEx for managing transfers. Monitoring information is available through their own dashboard. This includes:


LHCb has a Dirac Service Monitoring pages. This includes:


Alice uses MonALISA for monitoring. Information is available at the MonALISA dashboard:

Some additional information is available from their ARDA dashboard.

Regional monitoring

Usually country-based views of storage.


Available monitoring:


Other pages

GridPP's collection of monitoring links.