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How to install the 'faster' pnfs

We provide a version of pnfs, which has quite some performance improvements over the currently deployed one. The disadvantage of the faster version is that it does no longer allow root trusted hosts to be specified (in the /pnfs/fs/admin/etc/exports/trusted directory). For the modified pnfs version, all mounting hosts are root trusted. This doesn't change the possibility of specifying a list of hosts which are allowed to mount pnfs. So the export list is still honored.

Please send e-mail to support at dCache dot org in case you are interested in the modified pnfs or if you have questions concerning the security inmplications.

Installation procedure :

  1. cd /opt/pnfs/tools
  2. stop pnfs server: ./pnfs.server stop
  3. mv linux linux.old
  4. tar xf ~/linux.tar
  5. echo "usetrust=off" >> /usr/etc/pnfsSetup
  6. start pnfs: ./pnfs.server start

  • Author : Tigran
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