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Running Jython code on Scientific Linux 3/4/5

Getting the Software

On SL machine it is absolutely recommended to install the jython Interpreter vie RPM package from

So go on and get the following RPMS's

  • jython
  • jakarta-oro
  • servletapi4

you may alternatively install the required packages using yum, see for details.

you should also install the SUN Java RPM and additional the compat RPM from

  • java-1.5.0-sun-compat-

The compat RPM integrates the SUN Java enviroment into your standard Linux. Afterwards you will find the sun java interpreter in your path.

Setting up the Software

Before the dcache_jpython_example really works,

you need to create the cache-dir /usr/share/jython/cachedir/packages and make it writeable by the users using jython.

The program only works if you set the JAVA_HOME and CLASSPATH correctly: e.g.

export JAVA_HOME=/usr/java/latest
export CLASSPATH=/opt/d-cache/classes/cells.jar:/opt/d-cache/classes/dcache.jar