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The following sites are documenting dCache


URL Location Language Notes
dCache Manual dCache English
dCache Expert Docs dCache English
GridPP Wiki GridPP English
HEP SysAdminWiki HEP English Python, Pnfs management tools, dCache tools, Solaris
Hep CmsOpsWiki GridPP English
NDGF Wiki NDGF English pool installation, pool upgrade
VDT Wiki OSG English
T2B Wiki T2B English Find obsolete files, dCache admin mode, find size of a directory on dcache, dCache Pool Postinstallation steps
DGi CmsOpsWiki DGi English
Tools for advanced dCache administration and troubleshooting FZK English

Documents & Workshops & Manuals

GridKa School Install dCache
GridKa School 2010 - dCache Workshop
dCache Expert Manuals


URL Location Language Notes
GridPP FAQ GridPP English