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Space tokens are a logical partitioning of the storage an SE makes available. It allows files to be stored with some guarantees on not running out of space.


How it should be done

Example GLUE LDIF, from GSSD wiki.

Some notes by Greig Cowan from a recent (2007-10-04) discussion on how SRM-2.2 should be represented in GLUE-1.3

Current implementations

See the information providers page.

Viewing available space tokens

The following LDAP query is from the GSSD wiki's Advertised space tokens page. It returns a list of all available space tokens.

ldapsearch -LLL -x -H ldap:// -b o=grid '(&(GlueVOInfoLocalID=*)(objectClass=GlueVOInfo)(!(GlueVOInfoTag=UNAVAILABLE)))' GlueVOInfoName GlueVOInfoTag GlueChunkKey

The above mentioned GSSD wiki showing Advertised space tokens also in-lines some plots of available space tokens per VO. These plots are taken from Greig Cowan's pages:

The CCRC08 SRM-2.2 test page checks operations involving space tokens.