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dCache Hands-on

Welcome to our dCache hands-on.


The virtual machines that will be used during this tutorial are SL6 machines with a kernel >= 2.6.32-220 and the following specs for the server: Minimum System Requirements. The client can have just enough disk and RAM to have the SL6 installed and running.

We would like to ask every participant to bring a notebook that has an ssh client installed. Please check on your machine.

You need to login to your virtual machines (VMs). You have two VMs, one server and one client (<your number> you will get from us):

  • ws-client-<your number>
  • ws-client-<your number>

You will have to use two consoles, one for the server and one for the client. Use your ssh-client to connect to the machines using the following commands.


ssh root@ws-client-<your number>


ssh root@ws-server-<your number>

After this step you should have two consoles with ssh connections to server and client. Make sure you know which console is the client, which is the server.

Content of the hands-on

In this hands-on we will cover the following topics

Please go to the first part of this tutorial by clicking on Installation of dCache server - Taipei2014. We wish you a pleasant journey.