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Tickets with Actions

This page describes ticket actions: a todo list for a ticket.

What is an Action?

An action is something that should be done in relation to a ticket. It's a general note telling people to "remember to do" something.

The list of actions is from a fixed list. We can add more as there are more things we must remember to do, but this isn't a free-form text field.

A ticket may have any number of actions set; ideally, actions should be high-level activities that are independent of each other.

A ticket may have any number of these actions tagged (none of them tagged, or more) and can be adjusted when either that action has been done or it is no longer necessary.

What actions are available?

Here is a description of the currently available actions:

Discuss T1

The ticket should be discussed during the next Tier-1 support meeting.

This is a list of tickets that describe a general problem, one that's applicable to multiple Tier-1 sites. We may wish to disseminate the information in the ticket fairly quickly. Marking a ticket with the "Discuss T1" indicates that the information in the ticket should be discussed at the next Tier-1 support meeting.

Discuss DEV

The ticket should be discussed during the next dCache developers meeting.

There's a couple of reasons why a ticket might be marked "Discuss DEV"

Some tickets touch upon some aspect of dCache where there isn't yet a strong consensus on how to proceed. Because of this, some discussion is needed to achieve this consensus. Marking a ticket with "Discuss DEV" indicates that the subject matter of the ticket is such an area and that it should be discussed at the next dCache developers' meeting.

Another reason is when a ticket has been open for "a while". In order that tickets are closed, we need to ensure that the right person is working on it and that they have all the information they need. Marking a ticket "discuss DEV" indicates that the ticket should be re-examined, perhaps with some discussion, to ensure those working on the ticket have sufficient information.

The agenda for dCache developer meetings will have a blank "Outstanding RT Tickets" heading. A script will be used to generate a list of tickets with the "Discuss DEV" action, formatted for the wiki page. This will be generated and added to the wiki page just before the meeting starts.

Update Docs

The ticket shows that we have incomplete or inaccurate documentation.

We receive some tickets show that the site-admin has the wrong impression about how dCache works. This could be because we've changed the behaviour of dCache at some point and they've not read the release notes; but, more likely, it's because our documentation is bad. "Bad", here, means the documentation is difficult to understand, contains incorrect information or is missing information.

Support tickets follow the normal support path; but, at some point (perhaps early on) the people working on the ticket notice that the underlying problem is poor documentation. When this is realised the person who notices it marks the ticket with the "Update Docs" Action. They can (optionally) suggest which documentation should be updated by add a comment to the ticket (e.g., "Chapter n of the book needs updating", "the FAQ should mention this", "perhaps something for the trouble-shooting guide").

The "Update Docs" Action does not affect the ticket's progress through different states: once the problem is solved, the ticket is closed.

However, the "Update Docs" Action is removed only when the documentation has been updated.

How do I view a ticket's Actions?

Here's how

  1. Bring up information about the particular ticket.
  2. Select the "Basics" page. To navigate to this page either
    • select the "Basics" link in the left-most blue column (under the ticket number)
    • or, select "The Basics..." (directly under "Ticket metadata"). This is the title of the top-left-most box.

How do I adjust a ticket's Actions?

  1. Navigate to the "Basics" information of a ticket (see previous item),
  2. Make the alterations to the ticket's actions,
  3. click on the "Save Changes" button.

How do I query which tickets have certain action?

The Actions query is only available for the support queue, so the field may not appear if you try to build a generic query from scratch. Here's one way to get Actions as a possible search criterion.

  1. Select the "support" queue in the "Quick search" box (top right-hand corner of main page).
  2. Select "Edit Search" (near the top of the web-page).
  3. In the "Add Criteria" box, you should see a new field: "Actions".
  4. Use this to adjust the query to match those Actions you wish to search for.