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Xrootd Backport

The xrootd backport works as a plugin for the most recent bugfix releases of supported branches, i.e., 1.9.12-25+, 2.2 and 2.4 (needed only for the monitoring plugin). To use it download the backport from github.

and unpack it to


After restarting dCache will automatically pick up the plugin and use it for xrootd related functionality.


The backport allows to use regular xrootd4 plugins like the Atlas Monitoring Plugin or the CMS Namespace mapping plugin

CMS Namespace mapping plugin

Either download the plugin packaged from github here or checkout the source code and build it yourself.

If you want to build it yourself, check out the source code with git, change into the source directory and run

mvn package

This will create the package in the target subdirectory.

Copy and unpack the package into the directory


then edit your dCache layout file and add


to the domain running the xrootd service.

  • xrootdPlugins cms-tfc is the name of the plugin. Define it as an authz plugin to use make use of it.
  • xrootd.cms.tfc.path is the path or URL to your sites storage.xml

or a special file for the xrootd-door with the same format, containing mappings from logical filenames to physical filenames

  • xrootd.cms.tfc.protocol is the protocol to use if none is provided with the logical file path. E.g., "direct" or "root".

to the domain running the pool you want to monitor. For the CMS-Plugin add like