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dConf was originally planned to be a tool to configure dCache setting through the admin interface based on jython. currently it can do more than just configuring things.

Get started

  • check out the code (latest from trunk) and build an rpm (if you have rpmbuild installed).
    svn co
    cd dConf
  • install the rpm on the dCache headnode.
    • it will create a direcotry in /opt/d-cache/dConf
  • locally install jython with ./ <JAVA_HOME> eg.
    cd /opt/d-cache/dConf
    ./ /usr/java/jdk1.5.0_10/
  • make a cfg file like:
    user = admin
    host = localhost
    port = 22223
    key = /root/.ssh/dcache_admin_key 
  • test the connection setup (just a simple logoff)
    ./dConf -cfg <cfgfile> -test
  • inspect what your current config is
    ./dConf -cfg <cfgfile> -create
    • repeat previous commands with more output: just add eg. -debug 20
  • to make modifications, save the output of -create in another cfg file, modify the content and run
    ./dConf -cfg <new_cfgfile> -commit
    • it will not actually do anything, just simulate
    • add -dummy no to actually change things