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dCache 1.8 / SRM 2.2 Deployment

Tier I's

The table below summarizes milestones in the deployment process of dCache 1.8 (SRM2.2) for the Tier I sites. Please note that at any time, any site may change the scheduling without further notice to

SiteWeek of UpgradeComment
NDGFOct 29Agreed
gridKaNov 5Agreed. Downtime will be Nov 6, Tuning Nov 7
Workshop EdinburghNov 12Tuesday/Wednesday 13/14
SARANov 19Agreed
IN2P3Nov 26 Agreed
NDGFDec 3Agreed (Second shot)
RAL, TriumfDec 3Agreed
BNLDec 10rather sure
FNALDec 12 Agreed
PICDec 17Agreed

Tier II's

Theoretically, Tier II's may upgrade as soon as the dCache 1.8 production version will be available, which will be the second week of November. Nevertheless we would recommend to watch the upgrades of the Tier I's carefully to estimate the efforts for your site. Furthermore, we would recommend to consider to participate the Edinburgh workshop in November to learn more on how to setup dCache according to the requirements of the experiments.

OSG Tier II's : End of February, dCache 1.8 will be packaged with the OSG VDT distribution, which is the point in time from which on OSG will officially support dCache 1.8.

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