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Configuring dCaches' buildpath

In the Attachment is a copy of my .classpath file in Eclipse (Date: 02.12.09) and the two relevant files for Netbeans (Date: 28.04.10):

For Eclipse just copy the content into .classpath in your dcache checkout-project (should be in the 'root' of it) For Netbeans just copy the two files into nbproject folder of your dcache checkout-project (should be in the 'root' of it)

Known Eclipse Problem:

If you have errors Accessing the JRE Library rt.jar the accessing rules are your problem.

You can get rid of them by doing this:

  1. Open project properties.
  1. Select Java Build Path node.
  1. Select Libraries tab.
  1. Remove JRE System Library.
  1. Add Library JRE System Library.

Known Netbeans Problem:

Netbeans has its own buildfile. By default, if a build.xml already exists its called nbbuild.xml. In order to let it use the build.xml I just did a

cp build.xml nbbuild.xml

this made it work for me.