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Developers Meeting April 4, 2007


Alex, Dmitry, Gene, Gerd, Martin, Owen, Patrick, Ted, Tigran, Timur, Vladimir



  1. Future treatment of important Customers : (e.g. BNL). OSG may be able to supply a person to look at logging throughout dCache source code and make recommendations or possibly commit code.
  2. Scheduling of "Chat with Developers" OSG Storage Activities meeting.
  3. Coordination of OSG / dCache.ORG wiki and bug trace system.

Coding : BUGS

  1. Reports on CMS issues
  2. OutOfMemory problems in pools
  3. precious Pools files regularly switch state to "Cached" which may lead to data loss.
  4. 'Open WLCG bugs'
  5. TURL return and staging
  6. Order of TURLs in SRM reply (Seems to be fixed)
  7. GSI CRL support (Ted seems to be investigating)

BNL Issues

  1. Corrupted files (2. generation, Seems to be a hardware problem)
  2. Dccp and crc miscalculation

SRM 2.2 Deployment at DESY and BNL next week

  1. Packaging dCache 1.8
  2. Is documentation sufficient ?
  3. Does it work out of the box ?

Progress on topics of previous phone conference

(I would like to move details to next phone conf.)

  1. dCap door now sends correct 'protocol' on check.

(Fixed and already confirmed by Dmitry)

Summary (provided by Timur)

  1. It would help to consolidate dCache documentation if OSG Twiki is merged with new dCache Wiki. Patrick will set up an account for Ted and he will try it and determine if it there technical obstacles preventing such merge.
  2. BNL is a part of OSG, but we should allow them to use the whatever support model they are comfortable with.
  3. If BNL contacts FNAL with an issue that needs to be reported to support, FNAL will send problem to the support@… without asking them to do it. Sometimes problem needs to be entered into OSG system too.
  4. Gregory Sharp will work on improving dCache logging in near future ( in 4 months). DESY will grant him access to dCache CVS/
  5. Patrick is going to GSSD meeting next week, need to move the meeting to Tuesday.
  6. Ted will schedule "Chat with Developers" event for next week.
  7. Ted discovered that CRLs are read by jGlobus libs, but never honored. We Need to work with ANL (Globus Project).
  8. OutOfMemory issue observed in US-CMS T1 pools needs more investigation
  9. Precious Pools files becoming non precious: We need to check if more copies of the file exist,and if any of these copies are Precious
  10. Marten Radicke is working on implementation of the checksum verification in case of P2P transfers.
  11. Timur will send DESY code responsible for staging file before TURL is returned
  12. BNL Corruption: DESY is preparing a Book chapter that explains the pool side checksum calculation and verification code activation and configuration. (I like this "tion"s!)
  13. Pool code (Checksum Module Version 1) contains hook for implementation of the periodic checkum verification (Hint: search for "recently").
  14. dcache batch interpreter has some rudimentary branching support. Timur can use it for making SrmSpaceManager configuration activated with a single flag.
  15. Alex will at the RM issues reported to support@…

New Chapters in 'The, Book'

Enabled Checksumming
Checksums in Detail