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Developers Meeting April 10, 2007


Alex, Dmitry, Gene, Gerd, Owen, Patrick, Ted, Tigran, Timur, Vladimir



  1. WLCG dCache sites support model.
  2. Fermilab and DESY dCache developers communication.
  3. GSSD meeting.

SRM 2.2

  1. Cache 1.8 and SRM 2.2 packaging. Should be done in the meantime.
  2. Deployments issues at DESY
  3. BNL is actually prepared and waiting
  4. Again : is documentation sufficient

Coding : BUGS

  1. dCache Companion not recording new copies
  2. OutOfMemory problems in pools (more info by Ted ?)
  3. precious Pools files regularly switch state to "Cached" which may lead to data loss. (Ted ?)

BNL Issues hopefully solved

  1. New Chapter in the book on checksums :
    Enabled Checksumming
    Checksums in Detail
  2. FYI : Seems that Michael wants to do SRM 2.2 fuctions on current dCache.