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Developers Meeting April 18, 2007


Alex, Dmitry, Gene, Gerd, Martin, Owen, Patrick, Ted, Tigran, Timur, Vladimir, Andrii


  1. GSSD meeting.

Flavia : "All available endpoints will be S2 [stress-]tested at least till 15th of May. Endpoints will be added to FTS pilot testbed for FTS tests at the same time. All endpoints will be published by the test UI ( that isavailable to the experiments to test lcg-utils/GFAL."

SRM 2.2

  1. Cache 1.8 and SRM 2.2 packaging.
  2. Transfer issues between DESY - FNAL
  3. BNL deployment was postponed by BNL for one week
  4. gridKa (after reminder) promised to start right away.

GridKa and BNL have been starting this week. Additional actions to install 1.8 have been added to the download page. (Flavias Certificate, and the db password file changes)

Owen will apt-get/update on srm-devel to tackle the 'permission problem' in cases where CERN initiats DESY-FNAL transfers. If this doesn't help Timur will replace the current CN directory by the CN directory of the FERMI test system.


  1. Gerd : Question on bug fix ftp code (block verification part)
  2. Andrii's checksum implementation proposal (if Gerd and Tigran found some time to investigate)

Was essentially agreed.

  1. SRM Permission Management functions implementations need a way to set permissions in pnfs via pnfs manager.

Tigran tries to findout why the filesizes are set to 0 if file permissions are changed. This only happens if the permission change happens significantly later (hours) than the file was created.

  1. Directory creation is not reliable

Some messures will be taken to tackle this problem. i) Bokelmans suggestions and ii) Checking of result in pnfs before returning success.

  1. Missing Space Reservation functionality - ability to put space back into the space reservation after the file is archived, requires notifications from pools

Timur will create a message this week and Tigran will send the message as soon as he finds some time to implement. The message will just be sent. It will not be checked for delivery.

Coding (BUGS)

('Tickets' refer to the internal trac ticket system)

  1. OutOfMemory problems in pools (Ticket 5)
  2. precious Pools files regularly switch state to "Cached" (Ticket 6)
  3. Pool appear OFFLINE (various reasons, maybe ted has some information provided by OSG clients ?) (Ticket 4)
  4. File entry in pnfs has no corresponding dataset on pool. (Ticket 8)
  5. Return of TURL doesn't request a restore from Tape (Ticket 9)

This bug section will be replaced by the Link to the corresponding tickets, unless there are new one to be discussed.


  1. Client release wtih change log is suggested by Timur
  2. Change log

The default order of the protocols, that client sends in case of srm get and put operations has changed from {http,dcap,gsiftp} to {gsiftp,dcap,http}. Corrected the information that is passed to the client if the script needs to be used. Adler32 script was changed to automatically determine the path to the jars. Version number was advanced from 1.23 to 1.23.1. Changes are committed to the production branch.

  1. Server release is needed? If so we need a change log.

Everybody promised to send all necessary 'change logs' to Owen so that he can produce a new 1.7.0 release.