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Developers Meeting April 25, 2007


Expected : Alex, Dmitry, Gene, Gerd, Martin, Owen, Patrick, Ted, Tigran, Vladimir, Andrii


  • Nothing yet

SRM 2.2 Deployment

  1. gridKa (Installed Thursay Apr19 : Problems : utilityDomain, -protocols=gsiftp, Firewall till Monday Apr 23)
  2. BNL (Installed Thursay Apr19)
  3. Lionel (IN2P3) : HSM simulator prepared
  4. Intersite transfer status (Certificates ? CA ?)


  • Any more comments on Andrii's checksum implementation proposal
  • SRM Permission Management functions implementations need a way to set permissions in pnfs via pnfs manager.

Some messures will be taken to tackle this problem. i) Bokelmans suggestions and ii) Checking of result in pnfs before returning success.

  • Missing Space Reservation functionality - ability to put space back into the space reservation after the file is archived, requires notifications from pools

Timur will create a message this week and Tigran will send the message as soon as he finds some time to implement. The message will just be sent. It will not be checked for delivery.


('Tickets' refer to the internal trac ticket system)

Please check our Tickets, and let me know if you want to talk about a particular one.

Coding (BUGS NEW)


  1. New client and server release (1.7.0-35). Still issues, CERN and OSG actions ?