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Developers Meeting May 02, 2007


Alex, Dmitry, Gene, Martin, Owen Ted, Tigran, Vladimir, Andrii

Gerd and Patrick will not participate. Please check for Gerds status update at the end of this page.


  • Nothing yet

SRM 2.2 Deployment

  1. Seems to be fine for gridKa, UKED, BNL
  2. IN2P3 coming this week
  3. Flavias pages Copy Problems This was solved after switching off gPlazma following Dmitries advise. Seems to be fixed with head of 1.8. (Maybe Ted can explain)


  • Checksum progress (Please checkout Andrews update)
  • SRM Permission Management functions implementations need a way to set permissions in pnfs via pnfs manager.

Some messures will be taken to tackle this problem. i) Bokelmans suggestions and ii) Checking of result in pnfs before returning success.

  • Missing Space Reservation functionality - ability to put space back into the space reservation after the file is archived, requires notifications from pools

Timur will create a message this week and Tigran will send the message as soon as he finds some time to implement. The message will just be sent. It will not be checked for delivery.

Coding (BUGS)

('Tickets' refer to the internal trac ticket system)

Please check our Tickets, and let me know if you want to talk about a particular one.

  • Non functional pools are selected for transfer 12
  • Any news on the 'precious' -> 'cached' issue 6

Coding (BUGS/Issues reported by OSG)

  • Pools which cannot do transfers (hung, crashed) are still selected by PoolManager. 12
  • Request to add legend interpreting colors in Pool Usage web page.
  • A common problem - dual-homed gridftpdoor submits private network hostname for TURL. Can we make this more robust?
  • Billing info file sizes not correct? Artifact of posix io?
  • Reminder: CRLs are not checked (an issue to track).
  • Development of maintenance tools. Request for network performance endpoint to be added to VDT.


  1. New client and server release (1.7.0-35). Still issues, CERN and OSG actions ?

Gerd Status Report

  • GFtp/2 mover and GridFTP implementations have been updated and pushed to Tigran, including an implementation of mode X (few patches will follow tomorrow).
  • I have also updated the Globus patch and it now also support third party transfers with GridFTP 2 and skips a number of operations made redundant by GridFTP 2 (like execute PASV and PORT).
  • I have made a list of "issues", that IMO should be resolved in GridFTP 2 (the standard). These count race conditions, inconsistencies, clarity or completeness of the standard. I have identified a total of 11 issues. I will send the patch and the list of issues to everybody mid of next week. I suggest we arrange a phone meeting with the guys from Globus in approx. two weeks from now.