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Developers Meeting May 8, 2007


Alex, Dmitry, Gene, Martin, Patrick, Ted, Tigran, Timur, Vladimir, Andrii


  • Globus/dCache phone conference (Gerd)

Timur will prepare for a phone conference

  • Need Fnal support for Flavias requests


  • Dokumentation on the configuration of the various storage classes.

Timur started to provide configuration specific information in the Book

  • More

Jon will be invited to next session (May 16). Please checkout the 'carryover part at the end of this document for more information

next meeting Wednesday May 16

SRM 2.2

  • Flavia
    The storage class REPLICA-ONLINE corresponds to Tape0Disk1. Therefore, no tape backend is required to provide such a service.
    Could you please assist BNL and UK Edinburgh to setup correctly this class of storage ?
    Fixed as of May 11


  • Question on bug fix in 1.7.1 : "PnfsFile.getFileByID throws FileNotFoundCacheException and IllegalArgumentException if mountpoint is not pnfs"

Can we discuss why these are not commited to 1-7-0 or trunk ? These seems like very important bug fixes and we would really like this to be in both 1-7-0 and in trunk.

Intermediate Remark : this is of course correct, but we don't know if other components still work correctly if we change the type of message.


Code has been modified : the directory is removed and an error returned if the correct directory (uid!=0) failed.

is in 1.7.0 35 and 1.7.1 and trunk

  • Missing Space Reservation functionality - ability to put space back into the space reservation after the file is archived, requires notifications from pools
    • Timur created the message.
    • Tigran will build in the sending of this message soon. Needs to be done for all versions.

should be done within 2 weeks

  • SRM Permission Management functions implementations need a way to set permissions in pnfs via pnfs manager.
    • Redesign of 'permission setting'. Work in process.

Coding (BUGS)

('Tickets' refer to the internal trac ticket system)

Dmitry will increase the printout level of the various components so that Tigran can investigate. More detailed investigation will not be done within the following two week due to high working load

  • Non functional pools are selected for transfer 12 No work done on this yet. Maybe some more details next week from Jon
  • Any news on the 'precious' -> 'cached' issue 6 Seems to be solved after Jon disregards files in 'read transition'. More info next week by Jon


  • Jon needs the summitter of an SRM request in the SRM database. Which would mean a change in the SRM database schema. The consensus seems to be that this is a change which should go in 1.7.1 and higher though not in 1.7.0
  • For more sophisticated dCache applications (e.g. cdf) one would need
    • More batch door file types (kerberos)
    • Different java options for different batch files.
    Timur,Alex will provide detailed information.

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