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Developers Meeting May 16, 2007


Dmitry, Gerd , Gene, Martin, Patrick, Timur, Vladimir, Andrew


  • Globus/dCache phone conference (Organized by Timur)
    Finally agreed Thursday May 24 at 9:30 am US Central
    Main Topics (suggested)
    • Acceptance of the Gerd's patch of the globus-url-copy into the globus repository
    • Implementation of the CKSM code in the globus client.
    • Implementation of the Gridftp Version 2 features in the globus java cog kit FTP Client library.
  • GSSD face-to-face meeting on the 5th of June at CERN. Timur and Patrick will prepare Slides. Timur will dial in, Patrick tries to go to CERN.
  • In order to decide whether or not we need to support 1.7.1 we have to collect the the difference between the various version. Most import : Is there a way to configure 1.8 so that it is nearly identical to 1.7.1.

SRM 2.2

  • Some more details :
    • There is a basic Authorization on creating 'space tokens'. (on link groups)
    • There is authorization on using a space token. Concept not clear yet. Can only be solved having real ACL's on space tokens.
    • We won't oversubscribe space tokens. We only create space tokens as long as real space is available in this particular storage class.
    • Writing without space token : we allow to configure the default space type for writes without space tokens. This is a global (path independend setting). We will changes this to allow different defaults based on file system path.


  • Missing Space Reservation functionality - no news : Tigran is on vacation
  • SRM Permission Management functions implementations need a way to set permissions in pnfs via pnfs manager.
    • Redesign of 'permission setting'. Work in process.
  • Resilient Manager progress and maybe some more information on the open ticket. No Problem, solved by Alex
  • p2p Checksumming
    It is commonly agreed to have the destination of a p2p CRC checksummed already in 1.7.0. This is currently done on the flight while receiving the data on the destination side. The checksum is currently only printed but not compared to the original value in pnfs. Martin will fix this next. We plan to have a new release mid of next week having this feature included. The functionality can be configured. It is clear that this doesn't cover cases where the destination data corruption occurs while data is stored on disk, though we will detect
    • Problems reading data from source disk
    • Data corruption while transfering data
    • Code bugs in sending resp. receiving data
  • Andrew would like to check-in his modification to store multiple checksums in pnfs. We only need Tigrans ok, which we expect Monday.
  • Gerd will add ftp PUTGET into 1.7.1. NDGF needs this.

Coding (BUGS)

('Tickets' refer to the internal trac ticket system)

Detailed investigations have to be postponed to May 28

  • Non functional pools are selected for transfer 12 Postponed : Maybe some more details by Jon
  • Any news on the 'precious' -> 'cached' issue 6 Seems to be solved after Jon disregards files in 'read transition'. More infos by Jon
  • Dmitry : dccp error message extremly missleading if dcap is not available for whatever reason.


  • Tigrans comments on Andrews Checksum modifications.
  • Jon needs the summitter of an SRM request in the SRM database. Which would mean a change in the SRM database schema. The consensus seems to be that this is a change which should go in 1.7.1 and higher but not in 1.7.0
  • For more sophisticated dCache applications (e.g. cdf) one would need
    • More batch door file types (kerberos) (Dmitry will for now add a kerberos batch)
    • Different java options for different batch files.
    Timur,Alex will provide detailed information.

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