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Developers Meeting May 16, 2007


Expected : Dmitry, Gerd , Gene, Martin, Patrick, Timur, Vladimir, Andrew, Tigran, Jon, Ted, Alex


  • Globus/dCache phone conference (Organized by Timur)
    Finally agreed Thursday May 24 at 9:30 am US Central
    Main Topics (suggested)
    • Acceptance of the Gerd's patch of the globus-url-copy into the globus repository
    • Implementation of the CKSM code in the globus client.
    • Implementation of the Gridftp Version 2 features in the globus java cog kit FTP Client library.
  • GSSD face-to-face meeting on the 5th of June at CERN. Timur and Patrick will prepare Slides. Timur will dial in, Patrick tries to go to CERN.
  • Supported dCache version.
    • Essentially 1.7.0 and 1.8. We need to discuss the migration of 1.7.1 into 1.8.

SRM 2.2

  • In order to decide whether or not we need to support 1.7.1 we have to collect the the difference between the various version. Most import : Is there a way to configure 1.8 so that it is nearly identical to 1.7.1.


  • Missing Space Reservation functionality - no news : Tigran is on vacation
  • SRM Permission Management functions implementations need a way to set permissions in pnfs via pnfs manager.
    • Redesign of 'permission setting'. Work in process.
  • Andrew would like to check-in his modification. Needs Tigrans OK
  • Gerd will add ftp PUTGET into 1.7.1. NDGF needs this : Depends on Versioning

Coding (BUGS)

('Tickets' refer to the internal trac ticket system)

Detailed investigations have to be postponed to May 28

  • Non functional pools are selected for transfer 12 Postponed : Maybe some more details by Jon
  • Any news on the 'precious' -> 'cached' issue 6 Seems to be solved after Jon disregards files in 'read transition'. More infos by Jon


  • Tigrans comments on Andrews Checksum modifications.
  • Jon needs the summitter of an SRM request in the SRM database. Which would mean a change in the SRM database schema. The consensus seems to be that this is a change which should go in 1.7.1 and higher but not in 1.7.0
  • For more sophisticated dCache applications (e.g. cdf) one would need
    • More batch door file types (kerberos) (Dmitry will for now add a kerberos batch)
    • Different java options for different batch files.
    Timur,Alex will provide detailed information.

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