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Developers Meeting June 07, 2007


Dmitry, Gene, Martin, Patrick, Timur, Vladimir, Andrew, Tigran, Ted, Alex


  • Unfortunately Gerd is not available today.
  • Results from the GSSD face-to-face meeting on the 5th of June at CERN. (Talk is attached)
  • PNFS default export file policy.
  • How do we handle SRM 2.2 issues reported to support@….
  • Preparation of the Juli meeting.
  • Do we have an idea what quotas in dCache means. (Flavia and Jean-Philippe are pushing)

Flavia will collect information from the experiments on how they think quoatas should be implemented. The result will be provided to dCache (hopefully) before the July meeting. Anyhow, we have to have a good idea on quotas at that meeting.

  • IN2P3 observed SRM hangs. Any investigation there ?

SRM 2.2

  • Status of the SRM 1.8 sites.
  • Are all gPlazma problems understood ?


  • Resilient manager. Configuration Changes.
  • CERN changed the format of the Certificates. There are not CN=dddddd somewhere in the middle. Nick Brook, LHCB needs this fix now. If we provide this very soon, Flavia would push sites to upgrade dCache 1.7.0.
  • Flush info message ok now ?
  • SRM Permission Management functions implementations need a way to set permissions in pnfs via pnfs manager.
    • Redesign of 'permission setting'. Work in process.
  • Andrew would like to check-in his modification. Needs Tigrans OK

Coding (BUGS) =

('Tickets' refer to the internal trac ticket system)

  • gPlazma timeouts for Shunde and Ilya Narsky

Detailed investigations have to be postponed to May 28

  • Non functional pools are selected for transfer 12 Postponed : Maybe some more details by Jon
  • Any news on the 'precious' -> 'cached' issue 6 Seems to be solved after Jon disregards files in 'read transition'. More infos by Jon


  • Tigrans comments on Andrews Checksum modifications.
  • Jon needs the summitter of an SRM request in the SRM database. Which would mean a change in the SRM database schema. The consensus seems to be that this is a change which should go in 1.8 and higher but not in 1.7.0
  • For more sophisticated dCache applications (e.g. cdf) one would need
    • More batch door file types (kerberos) (Dmitry will for now add a kerberos batch)
    • Different java options for different batch files.
    Timur,Alex will provide detailed information.

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