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Developers Meeting June 13, 2007


Expected : Dmitry, Gene, Gerd, Martin, Patrick, Timur, Vladimir, Andrew, Ted, Alex


  • xRoot implementation in dCache (Asked for by Andrew)

SRM 2.2

  • Status of the SRM 1.8 sites.
  • Are all gPlazma/Proxy problems understooden ?
  • New 1.8 release ready by today.

Operational Issues

  • FNDCA dCache pools are increasingly unstable and crash due to a large number of the open pipes.
  • CDF dCache doors are regularly get offline all together and need to be restarted (Alex will have more to say about it).
  • Resilient Manager together with P2P copy mechanism corrupts data at US CMS dCache. Jon says that in many cases even a verification of the destination file size would have detected many errors.


  • Resilient manager. Configuration Changes. (ALex)
  • CERN changed the format of the Certificates. There are not CN=dddddd somewhere in the middle. Nick Brook, LHCB needs this fix now. If we provide this very soon, Flavia would push sites to upgrade dCache 1.7.0.
  • Flush info message ok now ?

Coding (BUGS) =

('Tickets' refer to the internal trac ticket system)


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