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dCache 'all hands' Developers meeting at BNL 13 - 17 August

Agenda will be filled after initial Monday meeting. Slots not assigned mean : Chill out : Fire Island

Monday Aug 13

Developers information exchange

  • SRM design presentation
  • Changes in dCache core
  • Resilient manager integration in 1.8
  • PoolManager cost schema and possible customization

Preparation of stress tests

  • FERMI farm computers
  • S2 Tests on BNL client machine

Tuesday Aug 14

  • Running stress tests with timestamps

Wednesday Aug 15 (Morning)

Wednesday Aug 15 (Afternoon)

Informal FAQ meeting with BNL people

  • 14:00 - 17:00 : This session was mainly about SRM 2.2 and Chimera issues. BNL folks are concerned about performance and scalablilty the upcoming releases with SRM 2.2 and Chimera. BNL will setup a Oracle database to be filled with the currently content of their pnfs system. This would help us to understand if the pnfs/chimera conversion scripts are ok and later on, how chimera behaves. This is independent of the SRM 2.2 preproduction system. It is in the discussion to more the BNL2 SRM 2.2 endpoint to chimera.
  • 17:00 - 18:00 : Dantong discussion for setting up a reasonable oracle database.
  • 18:00 - 20:00 : Test runs against FERMI and BNL system.

Thursday Aug 16


  • 9:30 - 11:30 Phone conference with Flavia, Doris, Greig, Mathias, Maarten and dCache TEAM
  • 11:30 - 12:15 Jay reported on TerraPath


  • Discussion on "Non castodial space reservation"
    • Space manager schema changes : The used space field is added to the storage token record and the linkGroup records.
    • 'hsm' field in the LinkGroup will be replaced by three new fields : canBeCastodial, canBeReplica, canBeOutput
    • We will store files attached to a space token list even for non castodial files.
    • We will configure the broadcaster to send 'fileRemoved' to SpaceManager
    • Space Manager will do appropriate actions on receiving of the 'fileRemoved' message to adjust the space calculation. The space of the removed file is added to the space token again. This will be then compliant to the WLCG idea of space management for non castodial files.
  • Soon implemented :
    • linkGroups can serve "Castodial, Output, Replica" at the same time. The consequence is that a single pool (if connected to an HSM) can hold those types as well. Pools which are not connected to an HSM can of course still hold "Output, Replica"
    • Configurable default space. For files, not written by the SRM or SRM controlled files which don't have either a space token specified nor 'retentionPolicy and accessLatency' defined during the prepareToPut, are currently assiged to fixed RP,AL values. This needs to be changed. The goal is to have the default AL, RP specified in the directory structure (tree) by means of pnfs/chimera directory tags.
      • Tigran changes extractor to get AL,RP from directory tags. Will become fields in StorageInfo (no in a hash table).
      • Timur will fetch this information from the PnfsManager if there is no other way to get the AL,RP for a newly created file.

Friday Aug 17

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