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dCache 1.8 SRM 2.2 deployment with Flavia and the Tier I's

Participants : Timur, Gene, Flavia, Doris, Maarten, Lionel, Patrick

Topics :

  • The minutes of the CHEP dCache BOF will be provided by Flavia.
  • In addition Flavia will provide some kind of user manual for space reservation in dCache. This is going to be merged with Timurs and Gerds descriptions.
  • Atlas has started transfer between CERN and NDFG
  • NDGF is currenly the only site ready concerning Flavias test
  • Lionel will start working on it next week. Timur will call Iris (BNL) on BNL issues.
  • Atlas at IN2P3 : There will be two different paths for ATLAS for disk and tape with two different tokens resp. This is just for now. There is no information yet on the future requirements for ATLAS.
  • Reminder : there are no ACL's on space tokens. Though the namespace is protected, the space tokens are not.
  • Reminder : In order to pass the SAM SE tests, the implicit space reservation needs to be enabled.

How to do that ? You need to add the following line into the dCacheSetup file. Please not that currently this line is not in the dCacheSetup.template.

  • IN2P3 issues have been fully covered during the meeting. Lionel has been sufficiently briefed to setup the system at IN2P3.
  • FZK currently can not publish the SRM 2.2 PPS system in the production BDII due to a temporary lack of man(woman)power. Doris will try to do this in the 2. week in October.
  • DESY will install a workaround for the issue with file space not returned to the space tokens if a file is removed from T0D1. (Beginning of next week).
  • Agreement of availabilities with the sites duing the experiment tesing. This seems to be up to the dcache team.
  • Agreement on upgrade to 1.8 from which sites at which time. Who is doing this. Flavia will contact the corresponding sites.

Preliminary Information :

The number below refer to the issues in Flavias SRM implementation Pages.

  • ref-1. Put status changing with time : I think it is not present in the latest version, which is deployed in Fermilab, could you check?
  • ref-2. Put operation returning SRM_FAILURE instead of SRM_INVALID_PATH: I believe This is addressed, could you verify?
  • ref-4. Space reservation of type REPLICA/ONLINE fails at BNL2: - URGENT: We provide info to BNL, has the situation improved?
  • ref-6. Tier-1 sites involved in LHCb and ATLAS tests do not pass SRM v1 SAM tests for various reasons. Please check. - URGENT: Could you please comment on this?
  • ref-8. SRM_FAILURE is returned instead of SRM_AUTHORIZATION_ERROR if a Put request with DTEAM DN is issued on an ATLAS specific path. - I believe this is fixed, but only deployed in Fermilab
  • ref-23. Space reservation with retentionpolicy=REPLICA resolves in reservation of CUSTODIAL-NEARLINE type of space when the access latency optional parameter is not specified. It happens both at Edinburgh and NDGF. In this case no space reservation takes place, and error is reported, with possibly incorrect retention policy, still beed to look
  • ref-39. When method is not supported the explanation contains often the following string: "handler discovery and dinamic load failedjava.lang.ClassNotFoundException:...". I think this is now corrected, could you please have a look?

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