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dCache 1.8 SRM 2.2 deployment with Flavia and the Tier I's

Participants : Timur, Gene, Flavia, Doris, Maarten, Patrick, Matt

Topics :

  • BNL is fine after the default space has been setup.
  • Altas wants to specify the space by path only. (not urgent). This feature is actually already available though not described yet.
  • All sites are fine for the Atlas test.
  • Atlas started FTS tests against NDGF. All failed transfer failed due to CERN problems.
  • If somethings fails the dCache return codes are important.
  • Timur believes that all return codes will be fixed within days.
  • Problem REQUEST_QUEUED and REQUEST_IN_PROGESS. Flavia will reply on Dmitries e-mail discussing the details.
  • Starting Monday, Flavia will be able to use the new version of the high level tools in order to find urgent show stoppers.
  • More informstion on the high level tools by Maarten :
    The new release of the high-level utilities (GFAL/lcg_util) is expected
    in the coming days.  The tags have just been submitted to the build system.
    More news ASAP.  
  • Patrick will recreate the test_d1t0 space at DESY. (to test space reclamation)
  • Questions on how to upgrade sites while atlas is doing tests. Flavia will coordinate upgrade and Atlas testing.
  • Timur would like to postpone the upgrade due to more issues to be fixed. Flavia agreed to postpone this by a couple of weeks.
  • New release is expected : Mon Oct 8.
  • Workshop in Edinburgh : Greig and Flavia have been setting up an agenda for the Edinburgh workshop and make the password available to us.
  • The workshop will cover the Tier I setup as well. So it would be good if at least one dCache expert per Tier I could come to Edinburgh.
  • GSSD : from 2 pm to 6pm. Please check agenda at CERN indico

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