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dCache developers phone conference Oct 10

Participated : Gerd, Timur, Alex, Vladimir, Gene, Martin, Tigran and Patrick

Reminder :

There will be no dCache.ORG service available tomorrow morning (Europe). This includes the cvs archive. Please make sure to checkin today.

  • OSG Issues reported by Ted :
    • Gums caching done. The gPlazma gums module will (is) be able to cache information obtained from Gums tor reduce latency.
    • Work on standalone gPlazma service just started. Will be done within two weeks. This allows users to check their DN e.t.c against the dCache service, without using dCache. Ted may or may not use Authentication to use this service.
    • Ted will closely follow the GLUE discussion (Lawrence mailing list) and hopes to findout more about the use of the Glue schema for OSG and makes this information available to the mailing list.
  • dCache 1.8 issues :
    • DESY will cut a version today, install it on the DESY PPS and tell Flavia to redo the testing.
    • Timur will try to fix remaining issues today and on friday so that DESY can cut a new release either Friday late or Monday.
  • Edinburgh Workshop is now agreed. Greig will provide a detailed list of things he (and Flavia) think need to be covered by dCache SRM talks. Timur will (slowly) start to prepare Space Management documentation and the Edinburgh talk. Though, work on fixing the open issues still has precedence.
  • CMS
    • After the resilient manager doesn't restart 'disabled' pools any more the disk space miscalculation has improved significanlty. Jon didn't have a chance to upgrade to the most recent 1.7 having more monitoring for disk space calculation. Timur will try to convince Jon to do this rather soon and to provide information the result.
  • CDF
    • It seems that the pool memory problems have disappeared on the HSM connected pools. There might be still in issue on the dCache -> client mover pools, though this could be because of the indeed high load of the system.
  • dCache 1.7 :
    • DESY will cut a new release today, test it tomorrow and make it availalble Friday or Monday. This release has the new NDGF SocketAdapter included which hopefully will solve the gftp door memory leak. Maybe we can get Doris and Silke to install it rather soon on some of their door nodes.
    • Developers should please send release notes to Owen to be published on the web page with the new release.

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