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dCache, SRM 2.2 deployment meeting Friday Oct 12, 2007

Participants : Doris, Lionel, Flavia, Timur, Patrick

  • Flavia : There seem to be only one open issue. The issue nr. 5. Timur thinks he solves it.
  • Will have a new release on Monday. Flavia will test against DESY next week.
  • Atlas didn't specify a space token when writing into dCache. They wrote into a default area. Flavia will ask the experiments to remove the existing files and repeat the exercise.
  • Flavia is working on SAM tests, checking the SRM 2.2 of those sites having the SRM 2.2 in the production BDII. This gives us a good idea on the availability of the service.
  • Doris will wipe out all files on their current SRM 2.2 PPS system, because fzk is replacing their current tape backend.
  • The GDDI pages contain examples on how to setup the GIP files for SRM 2.2. Moverover scripts are provided to check if the SE information system is configured correctly.

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