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dCache developers phone conference Oct 24

Participated : Timur, Gerd, Alex, Gene, Tigran and Patrick


  • When do we move to SVN. Suggestion : with 1.8 becoming production (which is the NDGF upgrade)
    • Gerds suggestion : Put everything in SVN (modules) as it is now and use the 'mv' command to move modules into the appropriate locations afterwards. This would save the history.
    • We will check if this is possible and will provide a brief writeup on what we intend to do.
  • Prestager causes trouble at BNL. Code already fixed but still in testing. (not in cvs yet)
  • Status of 'disable' space manager for time between upgrade and switch to SRM 2.2. Timur still intends to do that.

SRM deployment

  • SRM transistion from SRM 1.1 to SRM 2.2 (e-mail thread). Timur will follow up on this.
  • Support model (to be presented Nov 6 , or maybe not).
    • Gene and Gerd will provide some management level commitment on how long and under which conditions the labs/organization will support dCache.
    • Gene will provide information on how far OSG could help us supporting the SRM for non US sites and how far FERMI is going to reply on SRM tickets in the ticket system.
    • We should have something available for GSSD Nov 6.
  • Gerd (with his NDGF hat on) : would like to extend a general plea to all developers :
    • Once we go into production with 1.8 (that would be on Monday Nov 29), everybody starts keeping track of which changes would break internal compatibility (i.e. require an upgrade of all components).
    • Since a full upgrade at NDGF is very complicated (since it involves so many people), we generally allow people to upgrade when it fits their schedule (that is, not synchronized). Therefore I need to know when this would not work. I am not saying that we (as developers) are not allowed to make such changes - just that now we need to be conscious about any such change and make sure it is included in the change log.
    • SUMMARY : From now on, we need to be conscious about any such change and make sure it is included in the change log.
  • How long do we need to support 1.7
    • We hope that for the WLCG sites there is sufficient pressure to upgrade to SRM 2.2 that we don't need to support 1.7 for more that 6 months from now.
    • CDF is currently happy, so they don't feel any need to upgrade at all.

Large Installations

  • Pnfs/dCache performance for USCMS (separate phone conference)

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