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Developers meeting Dec 12 2007

Participants : Tigran, Gerd, Alex, Dmitry, Ted, Tanya, Gene and Timur

  • Support of implicit space reservation together with gsidcap protocol.

Tigran reported that realistically it will be ready by the end of January. He does not want a quick fix, wants to do it correctly. He thinks it is not such a big issue for IN2P3, they do not know how many users use GSIDcap, but not too many.

  • Accounting of the space in the pools, as described in Doris' ticket 2289, Alex tickets.

This is the main area off concentration for Gerd and Tigran at this time. They fixed a few bugs in the last week. There are many components that have to work correctly together for this to work. Timur suggested migrating code for SpaceMonitorWatch? into 1.8. Gerd will do that. Modifying RandomIOFile for managing the space does not seem practical. Tigran and Gerd ask for more information on how to reproduce the problems.

  • Notifications about the new file arrivals into the pool. Code changes reverted to the original state for now.
  • Statuses of the Tier 1 sites that have upgraded to 1.8. News from CERN. Tigran: SARA has problems with hardware, impossible to tell if any of the problems are caused by dCache. No news from FZK. IN2P3 suffers from unstable PinManager. Flavia complained about srmLs, we think problems are fixed in the upcoming release.
  • gPlazma at DESY: CERN had problems with VO server. gPlazma files were recreated empty, then CERN has restarted VO, new files were written with correct VO membership info, but gPlazma did not pick these up.
  • February Developer meeting final dates: February 18-22, weeks before or after do not work. Gerd needs exact number of participants.
  • Fermilab News: New Resilient Manager code is in 1.8. CMS updating to 1.8 Today. Improved Space Manager and Pin Manager code is coming next week.