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Developers meeting Dec 19 2007

Participants : Tigran, Gerd, Alex, Dmitry, Gene and Timur

Resilient Manager Issues:

  • Checksum is calculated twice on the pools for p2p transfers

Tigran suggested to turn one of this off in configuration, one for network or for disk

  • P2P transfers are not listed on pool by admin command. Tigran said he does not know why, he will have a look.
  • P2P clients are not queued on the pools. If large number is submitted by RM, all transfers are slow, CPU load is high, other problems. Timur said that queuing the clients before the server is started on the other end should not cause deadlocks. Tigran said that he is not going to introduce the queues just because RM needs them, since that might affect other types of operations in dCache. He suggested RM uses cost module from PoolManager. He does not object if Fermilab implements queuing of the P2P clients if this feature will be off by default.
  • Issue from Fermilab: CDF has long running inactive file transfers that block active jobs, would be nice to detect these, and allow for more transfers to run.

Dynamic Scheduling of the transfers on basis of actual load was discussed. Tigran said this did not work in the past and he does not think that can be done. Dccp has an ability to specify which queue is to be used, it is possible to implement two types of queues for slow and fast transfers in CDF

  • BNL updates to 1.8.0-9 on December 20.
  • Space Manager can not start transfers upon startup for a few minutes, most likely to the sequence of the updates of the link groups. Timur will have a look.
  • Gerd ported SpaceMonitorWatch from 1.7 to 1.8, he also found a problem with SpaceMonitor itself, it was fixed, but did not make into 1.8.0-9
  • Gerd changed the behavior of the pool if the pool discovers inventory problems on startup (i.e. >10% oversubscription) It will get into the Desabled state and will not be allowed to be enabled.
  • We need to work on February Meeting Agenda, Timur will start a TracWiki page.