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Developers meeting Jan 9 2008

Participants : Tigran, Gerd, Alex, Dmitry, Gene, Timur and Paul

Topics Timur wants to have discussed :

  • Files do not get registered in Companion => files can not be read, admins run manual register scripts
  • Incomplete files get registered in Companion=> transfers fail
  • Registration (admin) of the pool files to the Companion is inefficient
  • Pool Space accounting, update from Gerd and Tigran
  • Jon sees gridftp doors are not stable.
  • Tanya's tests reveal the following mode of failure of dcap door for parallel (4) transfers:
    • getControlMessage: poll fail.
    • sendDataMessage failed.
    • Failed to close destination file: Interrupted system call Command failed! Server error message for [4]: "No such file or directory" (errno 22).
  • Timur provides update about new PinManager development
  • plans to upgrade CMS T1 next Tuesday, what is the status of the code, are there plans for a release?
  • Upcoming exercises of the storage systems by LHC experiments (Challenges ) and implications to dCache.


  • Active adapter coses Ftp doors to hang ans well as file descriptor leak

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