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Developers meeting Jan 23 2008

Expected Participants : Tigran, Gerd, Alex, Dmitry, Gene, Timur, Paul and Patrick

New Release 1.8.0-12 (CCRC recommended version)

  • Active adapter Ftp door and file descriptor leak issue seems to be solved.
  • Dmitries SrmSpaceManager is the default.
  • globus-url-copy in write mode for non srm transfers fixed with 12-1
  • Reserved space miscalculation fix with 12-2

Reported by Flavia :

  • Now it looks like the version of dCache installed at FNAL (test endpoint) returns SRM_NOT_SUPPORTED if the STORAGE_TYPE for the file requested is VOLATILE. Is this OK ? I thought we agreed that the behavior of the srmCopy v1.1 only needed to be changed.
  • Alex will extend the pool repository query to allow for more file attributes.

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