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Developers meeting Feb 6 2008

Expected Participants : Tigran, Gerd, Alex, Dmitry, Gene, Timur, Paul and Patrick

CCRC is in progress.

I think we are having a reasonable release out. During the preparation of the ccrc (2) meeting Everybody found out that the current SRM 2.2 Spec is not sufficient for a proper operation of the data challenges. When do we have the remaining issues solved ?

  • Space Token provided to MSS script.
  • Srm Copy returns wrong return code for put (against DPM)
  • Srm Copy space calculation still fishy ?
  • Current statuses of European 1.8 sites, CCRC readiness.

Extending the SRM 2.2 MoU

  • How do we tackle that.
  • How much efforts do we want to put into this and what are the implications, e.g. on 'change space for files' ?

Problem for large Installations :-)

  • What happened during Jon's upgrade. What has been going wrong ?
  • Pnfs Layer 2 disappearances in US-CMS Teir 1 system.

Code et al.

  • Control files in pools change and possible dcache provided interface to the control files, that would allow admins to develop scripts that do not change
  • Reliability of the Trashing deleted files.
  • dCache shutdown/startup scripts and the ability to restart services individually.
  • Ron reported a problem which is not caused by dCache but dCache contributes to it. "This means lot's of srmPrepareToGet's which essentially is a DDOS attack on our SRM. Unfortunately, dCache responds to a lcg-gt with a wrong protocol by retrying 10 times with a 60 second timeout I believe. What I did was to set the following values * "


  • dCache 1.8 Support model according to Timur : We still operate under the agreements that were covering early adapters and 1.8.0 beta releases. Is WLCG planning to ramp up its dCache support and provide a tier 2 layer of support? It is probably not to early to talk about a long term support arrangements.

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